Audience Jacket

Image of a Purple Jacket

Contributors: Kate Hartman, Hazel Meyer, Ken Leung, Oldouz Moslemian
Funding: OCADU Corus Seed Grant

Audience Jacket Tutorial

How It Works:

An accelerometer attached the wrist transmits wireless information of arm movement via an Xbee radio to a second Xbee radio attached to a computer running Arduino and Processing programs provided here.  As the wearer raises their arms, a cheer is heard.  As the wearer claps, the sound of hundreds of others clapping is heard.

What You Will Learn:

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure Xbee radios, program a Lilypad Arduino, interpret accelerometer data, and work with conductive fabric and conductive thread. You’ll also never be alone again.

Overview of the Tutorial Steps:

  • Prepare the Lilypad Xbee
  • Label the Xbees
  • Download and Install Software
  • Configure the Xbees
  • Chat Test (Optional)
  • Upload the Arduino Program to the Lilypad Arduino board
  • Alligator Clip Test with Lilypad Arduino and Accelerometer
  • Run the Processing Program
  • Solder the 9V battery clip to the Lilypad Xbee Breakout Board
  • Connect the Lilypad Xbee
  • Sketch the Design Layout
  • Attach the Components
  • Make the Conductive Fabric Design
  • Make the Connections with Conductive Thread
  • Sew the Pocket Closed


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