Bodies in Play

Bodies in Play: Inclusive Co-Creation for Wearable Technology and Virtual Reality builds upon the extensive research-creation activities of its partners, particularly through participatory and community-building activities like game jams, workshops, and festivals.

Image of Textile Game Controllers workshop

Textile Game Controllers Workshops & Jam
DMG + OCADU Social Body Lab + OCADU game:play Lab
November 2018
Funded by SSHRC PEG, the Textile Game Controller project consisted of (5) workshops and (1) game jam. Through these activities, DMG community members were supported in exploring electronics, e-textiles, wearables, and crafting as ways to pursue the development of alternative games and alternative and bespoke approaches to play.

Image of VVV Jam mentors and participants

DMG + OCADU game:play Lab + Scatter
October 2018
VVV Jam was a 3 day volumetric video game jam co-run by DMG and the OCADU game:play Lab, with technology partners Scatter. Participants were introduced to volumetric video production in interactive VR contexts like games. The jam served to mobilize knowledge from the VVV research project, as well as generate new approaches to the technology.

Image of No Jam 2 participants

DMG + OCADU game:play Lab
November 3rd – 4th, 2015

No Jam 2: VideoVideoJam 
DMG + OCADU game:play Lab
9th Nov & 16-17th Nov 2013

Image of Damage Camp 2018

Damage Camp (multiple years)
Hosted by Dames Making Games, Damage Camp is an annual one-day gathering by and for Toronto’s game community. It consists of a half day of talks and discussion followed by hands-on workshops to empower participants to create interactive and playful work for ourselves and for people like us. A free public arcade showcases new experimental games by DMG members.