Body-Centric Game Controllers

Participants crafting analog sensors using velostat and conductive fabric.

What if you could make a game controller designed for a particular part (or parts!) of your body?

This workshop focused on the material Velostat to create custom sensors that are read and interpreted by an Arduino. These sensors are used to create a bespoke interface for any keyboard-controlled game. Velostat can be squeezed, sat on, pressed, or stomped and cut into whatever size or shape was the best fit for the participant’s game.

The participants designed their own analog sensors in this workshop. This workshop highlighted body-centric action as a part of the gameplay. The sensors encourage participant’s to think of other interactions beyond pressing a button or using a joystick on a controller.

Instruction slides from the workshop.

Event information:
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
6:30pm – 9:30pm
DMG Workshop • At the Toronto Media Arts Centre (
32 Lisgar Street)