Cardinal is an exploration of how a body-based technology can enhance our awareness of our directional orientation. Specifically it enhances the wearers awareness of how their body is oriented relative to places or people who are important to them.

The prototype consists of a capelet with inset heating pads around the wearer’s body. The garment heats up on whatever side is facing a significant location to the wearer. For example it could be used to give an embodied awareness of the location of loved ones, or cities that are important to that person.

The garment is made from wool felt ans features a screen-printed design around its circumference. The design is printed with thermo chromic pigments. These pigments change from red to clear when heated.

This communicates a visual awareness of orientation in addition to the heat.  It contains an embedded compass module that is able to determine the wearer’s orientation relative to their home or loved one. On the side of the body facing the meaningful direction the wearer will feel warmth. In the same location the dots of pink ink fade away, revealing a beacon symbol.

The current prototype works with a predetermined location. Future prototypes will utilize GPS technology to enable a more dynamic relationship.

This prototype is a part of the series Prosthetic Technologies of Being.