Come join Social Body Lab for a new Studio (workshop) at TEI 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden!

Title: Kinetic Body Extensions for Social Interactions

How can we create wearable devices to amplify, extend, or subvert our existing body language? This studio focuses on in-person, “real life” social interactions. It invites participants to explore ways of physically extending their own expressivity via wearable electronics and structural textile design using a prototyping method developed by OCAD University’s Social Body Lab. Through the use of sensors, servo motors, and pleated and folded textile forms, participants will learn how to create kinetic wearable body extensions that expand and contract in response to intuitive body movements. We will experiment with kinetic structures that vary in size, form, complexity, and placement on the body and experiment with triggers including pressure, flexion, light, and muscle activity. Ranging from the subtle to the absurd, we will prototype new methods for extending and enhancing our physical social interactions.

This work is based of our findings from our projects “Prosthetic Technologies of Being” and “Monarch V2“.

More technical details about the workshop will be posted here soon.

Learn how to register here: