Nudgeables Accessory Kit

Sometimes we need secret codes to communicate with our friends, partners, or colleagues while in the company of a larger group of people: a nudge, a cough, a scratch of the nose; something that says “save me from this conversation”, “let’s get out of here”, or “I’m thinking of you”.  What if our clothing could communicate these messages for us? 

The Nudgeables Accessory Kit is a modular hardware kit for creating paired sets of wireless wearable accessories.  A single Nudgeables device employs a pre-configured wireless radio transceiver with a sensor input and an output for a “notifier” (actuator).  The flexible design allows for you to attach a wide variety of sensors and actuators to the board to create custom sensory and feedback systems.  By creatively embedding wireless communication into yours and your friend/partner/colleague’s garments, you are able to secretly “nudge” each other at a distance.