Prosthetic Technologies of Being

Contributors: Kate Hartman, Boris Kourtoukov, Erin Lewis, Hillary Predko, Jackson McConnell, Rickee Charbonneau
Partners: Jamie Sherman, Intel
Funding: Intel

This project explores ways in which technologies can feel like an extension of self. Through the development of a series of three prototypes we have explored how technology can extend our ability to sense our surroundings and express our emotions in a visceral way.

Two of the prototypes, entitled Monarch and Nautilus, speculate on how a body-based technology might augment how we express our emotional state to those around us, and how the behavior of wearable garments could be controlled through the movement of our bodies.

The third prototype, entitled Cardinal, investigates how a body-centric technology might enhance our sense of directional awareness and connectedness.


These prototypes are provocative stipulations on the nature of body-centric technologies that extend the capabilities of our bodies. They have been designed as playful and surprising forms to engage the imagination of viewers. Through this work we have striven to bring a sense of magic and play into our interaction with technology.