Marie O’Mahoney, Kate Hartman, Lorette Faveri


Ballet Jorgen

SoMo (Sound and Movement) is a discreet wearable device that generates real-time sound through body movement. Wearing SoMo is a playful, interactive experience that inspires creative movement. It’s easy to wear, simple to use and can be applied within the fields of education, physical therapy and the performing arts.   We worked closely with dancers and choreographers from Ballet Jorgen and The Studio for Movement to develop the device with the goal of making SoMo easy to wear and the software interface simple to use.  Our research included experiments with accelerometers and pressure sensors embedded in the dancers’ footwear. 

Please view Ballet Jorgen’s most recent performance using SoMo and featuring the artwork of Daniel Wurtzel. The soundscape for this piece is being generated within a chosen musical key and mode.

Ballet Jorgen & SoMo performance at GBC from Loretta Faveri

Wearables, Somo, Sound And Movement