Textile Game Controllers Workshops

These workshops are created by Dames Making Games, game:play Lab, and the Social Body Lab

This project Textile Game Controllers Workshops consists of a series of workshops in partnership with Dames Making Games (DMG) Toronto and the game:play Lab.

These workshops aim to share and educate members of the greater DMG community on how to use e-textile materials to fabricate their own game controllers. Each workshop shares a new construction skill that participants use to expand on their knowledge and ability to create bespoke controllers.

This series contains five workshops and culminates in a weekend-long game jam. The game jam will combine the skills participants learned into a finalized alternative game controller.

In these workshops, we shared how to use e-textile material to fabricate: digital switches, analog sensors, digital switches placed on the body, and hardware only games.

Our fifth workshop takes place in January 2020. Visit the DMG website for updates on the event information.

This project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Partnership Engage Grant.