Vega Edge

The Vega Edge is a wearable light accessory designed to attach to clothing and blend with what you’re already wearing. Initially meant to be used for safety while cycling, walking or running – it can also be used as a way to experiment with wearing light for fashion. Under the Vega Wearable Light brand, the Edge was designed in collaboration with design researcher Angella Mackey. In March 2014 we launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising nearly $34,000 to produce it. 

The Edge is made from leather, with a vegan leather option. The choice of leather as a familiar material made the clip easier to match with other fabrics in one’s wardrobe.  

The LED circuitboard is removable and comes with 3 light patterns. For those who wished to personalise the light patterning, instructions were provided to “hack” the Edge.

The Vega Edge by day