Folding Felt Photon

Photon and battery strapped to wrist using folding felt housing
Folding Felt Photon on wrist

Circuit Board: Adafruit Feather M0 – Particle Photon

Material: Felt and velcro

Fabrication Method: Laser cutting

Method of wearing: Strap to wrist or arm


The form was designed to be able to accommodate either one Particle Photon or one Adafruit Feather M0 and a battery on its core and sensors/actuators on the top layer. The concept for the design is centered on the idea of strapping & folding the layers of electronic components, while allowing some flexibility in terms of placement on the body, choice of boards and sensors/actuators.

Felt enclosure on wrist folded open exposing microcontroller and battery.
Li-Poly battery and Photon inside the felt housing
Enclosure on wrist, folded closed
Closing the housing hides the wires and protects the controller and battery.


During the design iteractions, the factor that was most addressed was related to how easy it was to wear, to place the components in the form and how flexible the design could be to accommodate different projects.

Comfort, breathability, and the flexibility to accommodate different applications


Laser cut enclosure made from thick felt

When working with laser cutting felt for this particular design, because of the strapping system it’s important to highlight that the thickness of the material has a strong influence on the design.

Process Documentation:

We starts our experiments with the testing on different materials

Laser Cut Design