Wearable Game Controllers: Halloween Edition

Participants using a hat and a halo to create a switch.

Want to make wearable game controllers that can be played with your friends? How about vampire capes, witches’ hats, and zombie bandages as game interfaces?

In this workshop, participants learned to design and make multiplayer wearable game controllers. Since it was the day before Halloween, we chose that as our theme. We brought Halloween-ish wearables available that participants could modify, but were also invited to bring your own. We used conductive fabric and Arduino to create bespoke games interfaces that you wear.

No previous experience with Arduino or electronics was required for this workshop.

Participants designed switches out of conductive fabric as switches. The switches were placed onto different types of Halloween costumes, like gloves, a halo, a witches hat, and a tie. These switches used longer cables so that participants could wear them during gameplay.

Here are the instructional slides from the workshop.

Event Information
Wednesday, October 30, 2019
6:30pm – 9:30pm
DMG Workshop • At the Toronto Media Arts Centre (
32 Lisgar Street)